Saturday, 22 November 2014

Magge Bikand gassi

Cut abt 1/2 magge(madras cucumber) into medium sized pieces without peeling .deseed it. Take about 10-12 bikkand(jackfruit seeds),peel and cut lengthwise into two.pressure cook both with little salt for abt 2whistles.grind abt 1 cup of grated coconut with 7-8 roasted red chilies and small ball of tamarind into a smooth paste.add the ground paste to the cooked veggies and keep to boil adding little salt.once it boils put off flame.In a small pan add abt 2 -3 tsp of oil.when hot add abt 10-12 garlic pods which are slightly crushed.(do not peel garlic). Fry till golden brown and temper the curry with this.

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