Boondi Laddu

2 cups sugar
1 cup water
1and half cups of besan
1heaped tsp of cardamom pd.
Few strands of kesar ,oil for frying ,2 tsp of ghee.
Yellow food coloring ( optional)
In a kadai mix together sugar and water.keep on medium flame and allow to boil till u get one string consistency(very important) .put off flame and add the kesar,cardamom pd.and food color and the ghee. simultaneously in another kadai keep enough oil to fry boondis.
Mix besan with enough water to make a thick batter of dropping consistency. Now take a big spoonful of the paste and pour it through a boondi making pan into medium hot oil.take out boondis after 2 min.they should not be crisp.put the boondis into the sugar syrup .keep doing this till all the batter is used up. Keep stirring the boondis in the syrup intermittently.the mix will thicken in 30-40 min and then make laddoos.


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