Badusha Recipe

11/2 cups maida ,2 tbsp ghee, 11/2 tbsp oil ,2 tbsp curds ,1/4 tsp cooking soda,oil for deep frying
For sugar syrup : 1 cup sugar , 1/2 cup water,cardamom pd and 1 tsp lime juice
In a bowl mix together ghee,curds, oil and slowly add the maida with just enough water to make a smooth soft dough.Do not knead hard. Allow to rest for 20 min.In the meanwhile add water to sugar in a vessel .boil till u get syrup of one string consistency ( very important).add the lime juice now to avoid crystalization
Take the dough and make small balls.flatten a little and press a little in the center.heat oil in a kadai.the oil should be hot just enough that a small bit of dough when put in oil comes up to the surface.fry the balls on slow flame till golden.immediately put them in the sugar syrup and see that syrup coats both the sides.keep for 3-4 min.take it out onto a plate.ready to eat once it cools down.
Recipe credit sharmis passion.


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