Friday, 21 November 2014



Boiled rice (red)-1cup
Jaggery-1 cup 
Grated coconut-3-4 tbsp
Cardamom pd.
Wash rice and spread it on cloth to dry.when it is semi dry
take little at a time and dry roast it in a pan.the rice will start
spluttering and puffing.take it off fire.allow it to cool.powder in 
a mixi. In a pan melt jaggery with little water and make a syrup
of 1 string consistency.take it off the fire add the rice pd.coconut
and cardomom pd.and mix well.grease ur palms and make pedas 
with this mix.

With poha it is the same u dry roast thick poha till light
brown and then powder it.

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