Pedvo(Sardine) Uppat

Pedvo                       1/2 kg cut and cleaned

Ingredient for dry roast masala

Coconut                                    2 tbsp

Red chilly                                  10 to 12

Coriander seeds                       1 tsp

Methi seeds                              10

Garlic cloves                            6 to 7

Mustard                                   ½  tsp

Turmeric                                  ¼ tsp

Tamarind pulp                         1 tbsp

Teppal(Sichuan pepper)           6

Salt to taste

Oil                                              2tsp


Dry roast all ingredients  .When it cools grind it with tamarind pulp and water into a fine paste.

Pour this paste in a kadai . Add 1cup water to the gravy add salt and boil it for 5 min.Now add cut and cleaned fish and boil it for 10 min. Switch off the gas and pour coconut oil on top of it .Serve this with hot steaming rice.


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