Lauki Kofta Curry

Recipe credit :vegrecipesofindia
For the koftas
2 cups grated lauki
4tbsp besan
1/4 tsp chili pd
1/4tsp garam masala pd
1 g.chilli finely chopped
Salt to taste.squeeze out all the water from the grated lauki and keep aside .mix all the ingredients for the kofta ,make small balls and deep fry or shallow fry them.
For the gravy: grind together 2 large tomatoes ,1 small onion ,1"piece ginger,4 garlic flakes and 2 tbsp of cashew bits into a smooth paste.In a pan heat add the ground paste and fry till raw smell goes.add in some chili pd,turmeric ,dhania pd,jeera pd,garam masala.fry a bit and then add the squeezed out lauki water.add salt to taste and give it a good boil.finally tip in the koftas ,switch off flame and keep covered for while.serve hot with roti or jeera rice


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