Stuffed Bittergourd (Karela)

Take abt 10-12 small karelas.wash them well,dry them,snip of the ends and scrape off all the outer part into a plate.Make a slit lengthwise with the ends intact and remove all the seeds.smear a bit of salt all over and inside the karelas and keep it aside for 15 min.Do the same with the scrapings also.
For the stuffing:
In a pan heat some oil .add jeera ,hing and abt 2 tbsp of gram flour.roast this on a medium flame till the raw smell add 2 tsp dhania pd,2 tsp saunf pd,turmeric pd,2 tsp chili pd, stir it a bit and then add the karela scrapings, amchur pd and salt .fry till it softens for abt 3 min.remove from heat and allow to cool.
Squeeze out all the water from the karelas and stuff the ready mix into the slit karelas.In a nonstick pan heat 3 tbsp oil and then arrange the stuffed karelas in it.cover and cook on low flame turning it often so that all the sides becomes evenly browned and crisp.


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