Take 1 ltr.of toned milk and keep it to boil.when it starts boiling add 4 tsp of lemon juice and keep stirring.The milk will start curdling.when the whey seperates put off flame.take a muslin cloth and strain it.wash the paneer  thoroughly to get rid of the smell of lime.now tie the cloth tightly and hang it for 1/2 hr till all the water drips off.Take the paneer and mash it well with the palm of ur hand till it becomes smooth.Make small balls of this and keep aside.In a pressure pan take 1 cup of sugar and 2 cups water .when the sugar dissolves completely and starts boiling lower the balls slowly into it.close lid and just take 1 whistle.allow to cool.the balls will double in size.u can refrigerate it for an hour before serving.
I have added some kesar soaked milk to the paneer for flavour.


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