1 cup rice flour, 1 and 1/2cups of water 1tbsp of oil ,salt as per the taste , coconut oil to grease the moulds.

Method: Grease the plates of idli stand with coconut oil. Take 11/2 cups water in a pan. Add oil, salt and and allow it to boil.Once it comes to a rolling boil add the rice flour and switch off the flame. mix the flour well till you make a firm dough. Keep the vessel covered for 5 minutes. Mix the  the dough well and then divide the dough into equal sized balls. Take each dough ball and put it in chakli mould. Press gently into greased idli plates. Steam it on high flame for 10 mins and then on low flame for 3-5 mins in pedavan or pressure cooker [without whistle]. Switch off the flame and allow it cool for 5 minutes. After 5 mins,  lift these string hoppers from the mould and place them on serving plate/ bowl. Serve it warm with side dish of your choice.


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